Thursday, June 15, 2017

NTC Park at Liberty Station
2455 Cushing Road
San Diego, CA 92106

The IOA Run the City 5K will be chip timed. All times will be automatically recorded. The team captain will be responsible for selecting the composition of each team (male, female, coed). Not interested in competing? No worries at all, the team scoring is optional.


Male: Top four (4) male finishers for the team.
Female: Top four (4) female finishers for the team.
Coed: Top two (2) male finishers and top two (2) female finishers for the team.

How it Works

Teams will be scored by the total team time of the four (4) participants that the team captain selects once the event is completed. The 1st place team in each division (male, female, coed) will receive team and individual awards. The 2nd and 3rd place teams will receive team awards.

  • Team Captains will select the four (4) participants for each team.
  • The option to submit teams will appear within the Captain’s Tools.
  • Team Captains can begin submitting their team(s) at 8 PM on Thursday, June 15th.
  • Team Captain’s must submit their team(s) by 12 PM on Monday, June 19th.
  • The scoring system will automatically suggest the top participants for each division based upon their finishing chip times. Team Captains can decide if they’d like to adjust those suggestions.
  • Please review the selected participants for each team before submission.
  • Adjustments cannot be made once the team is submitted.

Eligibility Rules

  • Only full-time employees are eligible for scoring.

Full-Time Employees: Working at least 32 hours for the participating company.

  • Guests and part-time employees are not eligible for participant and industry awards.
  • Top finishers and CEO’s are eligible for team scoring.
  • To be eligible for team scoring all four (4) employees on the team must be listed as full-time.
  • Each participant can only be placed on one (1) scoring team. Example: A female participant cannot score for both the female and coed team. She must be selected for one or the other.
  • Timing chips will be pre-attached to the back side of each bib. Bibs must be worn on the front side of each participant to ensure times are recorded.
  • A participant’s official chip time is recorded from the moment they cross the start line until the moment they cross the finish line. Please note that the finishing clock time may be different than the official chip time.